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Maintaining a healthy and lush landscape would be easy if you have a properly designed and installed irrigation system. This vital landscape feature must always be on its optimum condition to ensure all the sofscape elements get their needed nourishment at the right time. Moreover, an efficient system will let you save on water consumption and reduce the need for frequent repair and maintenance.


If you want the right kind of irrigation for your landscape or lawn, please contact us at Infiniti Properties Creative Landscape & Design. For years, we've been helping Marlborough property owners achieve verdant landscapes with our efficient design and quality installation. All of them can attest to our unique and systematic approach to every project that we handle.

The Right Type of Irrigation for Your Property

At Infiniti Properties Creative Landscape & Design, we carefully assess the needs of the landscape before making any recommendations to the property owner. We consider the types of plantings, the topography, and the size of the area to ensure that only the right irrigation type is installed in our client’s property. This will minimize the installation cost and expedite the completion of the project. With the right kind of system, we can help clients reduce their utility expenses because of the significant reduction in water consumption.


Our decades of experience in the landscaping industry have also helped us become experts in this area. Whether it is about new installation or a redesign of an existing system, Massachusetts clients can always rely on our expertise. We're not only experienced in handling residential projects, but we are also capable of designing and installing complex systems for commercial landscapes. The irrigation systems that we can design and install include drip, underground, rotary, centralized, and sprinkler systems.

Efficient Automated Sprinkler Systems

We know that clients like you are busy and concerned about the cost of maintaining a lawn or landscape. And here at Infiniti Properties Creative Landscape & Design, we can help ease your burden by installing automated sprinkler systems on your property. They may require a larger budget to install, but they offer wonderful benefits. Our automated sprinklers are water efficient and can function on autopilot since they can be set on a certain day or time. With these benefits, you can never go wrong in opting for the automated type of irrigation.

Reliable Irrigation Repair and Maintenance


Property owners from Marlborough and surrounding areas can also rely on us when it comes to irrigation repair and maintenance. We have certified technicians who can provide the right solutions to simple and complex problems. Our people are equipped with appropriate tools and equipment so they can complete the tasks in a fast and efficient manner. We also have replacement parts in our service vehicles to ensure immediate repair of identified problems. Whether it is about clogged sprinklers or leaking pipes, we can fix them at once.

We Are the Company to Call for All Your Irrigation Needs

Never allow an inexperienced contractor handle the design, installation, and maintenance of your irrigation systems. Only trust companies that can guarantee efficient systems, reliable installation, and quick repair. When you hire us, you are assured that the people working on your project are all certified and trained. Moreover, we only source our products and supplies from leading manufacturers in the country to give you durable and reliable systems.

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