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Our Other Landscape Maintenance Services

Aside from spring and fall cleanups, we also provide other professional landscape maintenance services at very affordable rates. Among others, we can perform these lawn care tasks:

  • Mowing. Regular mowing must be done in order to ensure the health of your turf. Additionally, periodic mowing will also keep your lawn in great shape and make it attractive. Our crews know the right mowing height and frequency based on the type of grass in your lawn. You can hire us on an on-call basis or you can simply opt for a contract to enjoy uninterrupted mowing service.

  • Fertilization. Your plantings need to be fertilized periodically so they will be healthy and resistant to pests and diseases. We only use organic fertilizers that are 100 percent nature friendly for our clients' peace of mind.

  • Pruning and trimming. Allow our expert crews to keep your trees, shrubs, and other plantings to stay in tip-top shape and health through regular pruning and trimming. We have the needed manpower and tools to perform these tasks safely and complete them quickly. We know the right pruning and trimming methods to apply based on the particular species of plantings that you have.

All of the landscape maintenance services that we offer for Massachusetts clients are performed by our highly skilled crews. They use appropriate tools, such as riding mowers and trimmers, for fast project completion. We also use fertilizers and other products that are guaranteed safe for the environment and for people. Lastly, we guarantee our work to be done in accordance with best practices and according to all applicable regulations.

Call us now at (508) 326-8553 and let us hear about your specific maintenance needs. Let us make your landscape as stunning as possible all year round through our premium landscape maintenance services.

Landscape Maintenance

Spring & Fall Clean Ups

Fall Cleanup in Marlborough, MA

Many people look forward to the fall season in Marlborough, MA. And at Infiniti Properties Creative Landscape Design, we agree that there's just something about those vibrant leaves and colors that makes this time of the year so special. But unfortunately, those pretty leaves don’t tend to look nearly as majestic when they start to fall and clutter up your lawn. And to make matters worse, clearing your lawn can be more difficult and time-consuming than you'd think. So if you'd rather be able to sit back and enjoy the fall season without having to worry about leaf removal, turn to our team for help.

Clearing the Path

Our leaf removal services are designed to quickly and efficiently rid your residential or commercial property in Marlborough, MA of unwanted leaves. Our landscaping team has the tools and equipment to eliminate fallen leaves so that you don't have to spend hours raking or struggling with your unwieldy leaf blower. And because we value our clients, we make it our business to keep our rates affordable, no matter the season.

Make your fall cleanup easier this year with our leaf removal services. Call today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in MA:

  • Northboro, MA
  • Southboro, MA
  • Westboro, MA
  • Shrewsbury, MA
  • Holliston, MA
  • Natick, MA